Story Bogdan
From Romania to the Netherlands: The Story of Bogdan Stanescu

Commissioning & Service Engineer Bogdan Stanescu has been working for Alewijnse for over three years now. He specialises in navigation and communication equipment for luxury yachts. Bogdan spends most of his time working on site, which means that he travels all over the world for service assignments. He speaks highly of his work at Alewijnse. “Our projects are really unique! Together with my colleagues, I visit the most extraordinary places. That's where the vessels are when we are needed.”

Jack Estrabo
The world as my workplace: The story of service engineer Jack Estrabo

Service Engineer Jack Estrabo has been working for Alewijnse for 10 years now. Working in the industry, repairing generators and engines, and pulling cables on ships under construction. He is keen to talk about how he has developed personally during his time with Alewijnse: 'Over the years I have become more and more confident. As you gain more knowledge and experience, so your colleagues trust you more. The people I work with now often ask me how things work.’

Twins Engineering
Twins aboard! The story of Mark & Niels Koenderink

Twin brothers Mark and Niels Koenderink have always had a passion for boats and water sports. They both studied electrical engineering at HBO level and have now been working full-time at Alewijnse since 1 December 2020. For them it is a place where their ambition to pursue their interests; ships, technology and innovation, can be fulfilled.

Application Engineer
Designing advanced AV/IT systems: The story of Joppe Schuurmans

A nice bike ride to work and designing hardware and software for luxury superyachts once he’s there, Joppe Schuurmans has been doing it for about four and a half years now. He has never been bored even for a single day. ‘I'm usually in the office, but I also go on board as well,’ he says.


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