Twins Engineering
Twins aboard! The story of Mark & Niels Koenderink

Twin brothers Mark and Niels Koenderink have always had a passion for boats and water sports. They both studied electrical engineering at HBO level and have now been working full-time at Alewijnse since 1 December 2020. For them it is a place where their ambition to pursue their interests; ships, technology and innovation, can be fulfilled.

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Application Engineer
Designing advanced AV/IT systems: The story of Joppe Schuurmans

A nice bike ride to work and designing hardware and software for luxury superyachts once he’s there, Joppe Schuurmans has been doing it for about four and a half years now. He has never been bored even for a single day. ‘I'm usually in the office, but I also go on board as well,’ he says.

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Software Engineer
From intern to software engineer: The story of Jorn Souverein

Jorn (21) started at Alewijnse in 2019 as an intern and has experienced the company from several different perspectives. We asked him what he is most proud of about the projects he has worked on since he joined the company.

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Thomas Rot, Service Engineer
A Service Engineer from Terschelling: The story of Thomas Rot

Thomas Rot is a Service Engineer at Alewijnse. He works on various ships around the world, with a new assignment every day for him and his team. "I have learned a lot in a fast but unconventional way," he says.

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