You are probably already aware that there is more to be gained from the data that is available from your maritime or industrial operational process environment today.

Alewijnse data management

Opportunities for your organisation

Data is like water in a river. Not all of it will flow to where it is needed. Much of it will instead just pass by and flow into the sea. But can it be managed smarter and more effectively? Yes it can! In nearly all environments it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the data flow. To make this happen, you have to start by understanding how the data flow is currently managed in your organisation.

In modern production environments, a lot of data is already collected and stored, often in various systems and locations. This means that much data is already available, which could be used to optimize, for example, production processes and energy consumption.  The raw data required to do this is often present somewhere in the systems, but the challenge is to make the data available so that it can be turned into usable information. To do this, the context, meaning and coherence of the data needs to be examined and made comprehensible. Only after executing this essential analysis is it possible to draw useful conclusions from the original raw data input.

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How can our experts at Alewijnse assist you?

Alewijnse can provide data management and analytical solutions that will help you gain insights into the critical parameters of your processes, production lines and the environment, in a clear and convenient manner. We do this by optimally managing the available data and making it accessible. This involves the processing, classification, storage, security, maintenance, analysis and reporting of all the data in your systems. The results can be used to fulfil a wide range of goals such as improving the quality of your production process and organisation or saving energy and reducing cost.


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