We deliver the highest quality standards in order to deliver maximum performance in extreme situations.

Advanced vessels 

Naval vessels are among the most advanced ships in the world, and their electrical systems have to meet the highest quality standards in order to maintain maximum performance despite extreme situations.

Your reliable partner in systems integration

Alewijnse has been a leading and trusted partner for many years, delivering electrical systems to all types of naval and governmental vessels. This extensive expertise and experience in the naval sector plays an important role in the successful execution of each project that we undertake. It ensures that we can equip vessels for new defence operations or government-related activities within relatively short periods of time. 

Perfect cooperation  

Many shipyards and government organisations see Alewijnse as the best partner for the electrical part of a marine project. They value the high quality of our service, the high availability and flexible deployment of personnel and the excellent cooperation whether the project involves new construction, refit or maintenance. Our customers see our experience with naval vessels reflected in the efficient execution of their projects. Good cooperation and harmonious teamwork enables project work to be completed on schedule and to the highest standards, while taking into account the important safety measures and relevant laws and regulations.

Expertise and experience  

With our many years of experience in the defence and security segment, we have built up broad expertise in the new construction, renovation, upgrades, life time extensions, after-sales and the service and maintenance of highly complex naval vessels. These include multi-role aviation training vessels, PKR frigates, long range ocean patrol (POLA) vessels, ocean going patrol vessels (OPVs), supply & research vessels, hybrid tugs and naval support vessels such as joint support ships (JSS) and combat support vessels (CSS).

Karel Doorman - Alewijnse

When we were looking for someone to conduct the electrical scope of work on this project Alewijnse was the natural choice. The company has extensive experience with Zr.Ms. Pelikaan in particular and with naval vessels in general.

Jan-Dirk Boomsma, Project Manager @Damen Shipyards Den Helder