The story of Alewijnse.

Alewijnse Roothaan & CO  light bulbs

Years 1889 - 1962

The story of Alewijnse began in 1889 when Cornelis Alewijnse together with the Roothaan brothers opened a factory in Nijmegen to manufacture light bulbs under the name Alewijnse & Co. In 1900 Cornelis widened his ambitions, establishing a new company, C. Alewijnse & Co., just as electrical innovations were starting to have a major impact on society. In the period up to 1945 the company prospered with a focus on the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment of all types. In the years after World War II, revenues increased dramatically as the company expanded into repairing electrical motors and electrical installations in factories and on board of vessels.

Years 1962 - 1990

From 1962 to 1980, the company expanded rapidly both organically and by taking over a number of other companies in the Netherlands. In the 1980s Alewijnse experienced the impact of the second oil crisis on the maritime industry and the subsequent recovery; while the 1990s delivered a period of unprecedented prosperity as information and communications technology (ICT) boomed with soaring demand for security, telematics and data transmission systems.

History man at work

Years 1990 - 2002

The most significant development at this time was the opening of a subsidiary company in Romania for the production of electrical switchboards and to deliver installation services to Damen Shipyards Romania.

Alewijnse Ork on Amels 60 Series

Years 2002 - Present

The years from 2002 to 2015 saw a focus on systems integration as well as further internationalisation. In 2018, Strong Root Capital and CommonWealth Investments acquired the company from the Alewijnse family. In addition to a substantial strengthening of the financial position, a new organizational structure and strategy were introduced together with new management on the basis of which Alewijnse's leading position in the maritime and industrial sectors has been further strengthened and expanded in recent years.

Tijssen Elektro

On 1 June 2023, a major step is taken forward with the acquisition of Tijssen Elektro. With this new combination of forces Alewijnse and Tijssen Elektro will take the yachting sector to an even higher level, with their shared vision for advanced total solutions in electrical engineering and automation for maritime yacht building creating added value.. Two companies, one vision, one future.