A uniquely reliable and precise system, it uses two independent processes to measure the suction tube position simultaneously.

Using robust, waterproof sensors, the ASTS measures several critical variables:

  • Paid-out wire length from the winches  
  • Horizontal & vertical angles  
  • Gantry positions  
  • Swell compensator position 


Based on these measurements, the ASTS calculates and visualises a number of important outputs, enabling maximum production efficiency and safety with the lowest possible environmental impact. These are:

  • Sction tube angles  
  • Drag head position  
  • Tide correction  
  • Anti-collision (distance from suction tube to hull)  
Alewijnse suction tube system (ASTS)

To enable further loading and backfill production optimisation, the capabilities of the ASTS can be extended using an advanced control function; the automatic suction tube controller (ASTC). This regulates:

  • Depth Control  
  • Swell Compensator Control  
  • Intermediate Angle Control  
  • Ground Angle Control  
  • Lateral Control  
  • Silt Control