The modern vessel bridge not only offers outstanding performance, it can look good as well!

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Alewijnse is a leader in the supply and installation of integrated bridge systems (IBS). By linking all the ship’s critical systems to a single point, IBS provide the command team on the bridge with the ultimate in situational awareness both on board and around the yacht. Using just a handful of screens, or indeed just one, the officer in charge can review every aspect of the vessel’s performance and status, and make changes as needed. 

We work with the leading suppliers and can offer the latest IBS that not only provide the latest functionality but which have also been designed with the aesthetics of superyachts in mind. The modern superyacht bridge not only offers outstanding performance, it can look good as well! 


  • Propulsion
  • Gyro
  • Steering
  • Echo sounder
  • Log
  • NavTech
  • Track steering
  • Weather
  • Bridge alarm management (BAM)
  • GPS
  • Radar 
  • ECDIS 
  • Conning 
  • Alarms 
  • AIS 
  • VDR 
  • Gyro compasses & radar sensors 

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