At Alewijnse, safe food flows and achieve optimum production results go hand in hand.

Food production: safety and cost control

The importance of the ability to trace and guarantee safe food flows and achieve optimum production results at the most favourable management costs is reflected in the installation techniques used.

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Automated tracking and tracing

For a manufacturer, accuracy and transparency regarding the safety of their products is key to demonstrating that their production lines comply with all the rules and regulations. Our automated solutions guarantee the ability to track every production step; from the input of raw materials to the finished product. By automating in accordance with the GAMP directive, a validated automation system is created that systematically demonstrates product compliance, including with FDA requirements. Thanks to the phasing contained in GAMP, the project process is transparent, both in time and costs.


Hand in hand - cost control and process optimisation

New builds, refits and upgrades provide an opportunity for the manufacturers to optimise their production processes and control and reduce their costs. By examining the total cost of ownership (TCO) of all existing and new installations, the saving and optimisation possibilities can be substantial by applying both small and large scale improvements. A TCO exercise will map out the operational costs during an installation's lifespan, including capturing predictive and plannable maintenance and their associated budgets.