Specific solutions.

Alewijnse draught and loading system (ADLS)

By continuously and precisely measuring a vessel’s draught and hopper volume, the Alewijnse Draught and Loading System (ADLS) contributes to the optimal use of a vessel’s payload capacity.

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Alewijnse Suction Tube System (ASTS)

The Alewijnse suction tube system (ASTS) is an automated system for measuring, calculating and monitoring a hopper dredger’s suction tube position.

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Dredge Control System (DCS)

Over twenty years of experience at Alewijnse has been distilled into a dredge control system design standard that offers a number of benefits to both operator and owner.

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Data Management

Are you getting the most out of your maritime or industrial process environment? Effective data management and analytics offer you the opportunity to operate smarter, reduce your costs and improve your efficiency.

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Our automation systems can significantly improve the productivity of processes on board vessels and in industrial installations.

Efficiency and productivity

For some time maritime and industrial installations have been operating in environments that demand ever-greater efficiency and productivity while, at the same time, environmental and safety standards have also become increasingly important.

Alewijnse leads the market by designing customer-made systems for advanced process automation. In addition to delivering high efficiency and productivity, the capabilities of our systems mean that fewer operators are required to manage a vessel or plant.

Big data and smart industry 4.0 have become indispensable. Our dedicated experts deliver smart automation solutions for optimised and transparent operations, resulting in lower production costs, energy savings and a reduction in CO₂ emissions.

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Combining the best of two worlds

Alewijnse operates in both the maritime and industrial sectors applying modular automation software to support the asset managements’ objectives. Using our broad expertise in SCADA systems and PLC controls, and our detailed knowledge of the maritime and industrial markets, we are attuned to trends and market developments, enabling us to combine the best of both worlds.