Thanks to many years of accumulated expertise and experience, Alewijnse can map out and optimise the power quality of all types of electrical installations.

On board vessels and in industrial environments, the quality of the electrical energy is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of machinery and IT systems. However, through the introduction of new and advanced technologies during newbuilds or refits, systems tend to become increasingly complex. This means that unexpected problems such as low energy efficiency or the shorter lifespan of end-use automation systems or computers can easily occur. These disturbances can result in unnecessary costs for the end users through excessive energy consumption, system failures or increased maintenance.

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Power quality analysis

Thanks to many years of accumulated expertise and experience, Alewijnse can map out and optimise the power quality of all types of electrical installations by undertaking comprehensive measurements and the subsequent analysis of the data collected. Anomalies that are often detected include harmonics, reactive power, network voltage unbalance, electrical oscillations in the electrical power network, voltage variations, flicker, transients and disturbances in power quality and electromagnetic interference or compatibility (EMI/EMC).

Problems for the user

Users can experience far-reaching problems as a result of poor power quality within an installation, such as the overheating of transformers, generators and motors; tripping of power breakers; non-compliance with Class requirements (Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, etc); shortened life spans of equipment; production failure or downtime; and the exceeding of limits that are given in the standards and subsequent failures in electrical systems (low reliability). Additional consequences of poor power quality include higher fuel consumption and higher energy costs and unnecessary emissions of CO₂ and NOx.

Optimal solutions

As an all-round systems integrator, Alewijnse can detect and analyse electrical inefficiencies and advise on power quality optimisation so as to conform with the latest classification standards. At an early stage of new construction projects we can work with our customers to determine their needs and make proposals regarding the most suitable solutions for their objectives. During refits and modifications, we can use specialised measuring equipment to map out power, current, voltage and harmonics. After an extensive analysis of the problems encountered and the customer’s needs, we then design the best customised solutions that will deliver optimal cost efficiency and maximise the productivity of the ship’s systems.

Successful experiences

Over the years, Alewijnse has been able to successfully optimise the power quality on many ships and industrial installations, including cable layers, research vessels, superyachts, dredgers, LNG tankers, cruise ships and industrial production machines.

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