Almost every new project is unique in its own way, with its design variations and specific technical challenges.

So once a system is installed and ready for commissioning we need to assess and analyze its functionality swiftly and accurately, and act quickly where necessary. As a service-orientated organization, delivering quality while following all the safety rules is second nature for us.

With our specialized commissioning staff, we have a well-trained and independent team to check and start up our installations, using a step by step process. We start by forming a plan, then put together a team that analyzes and assesses the task ahead. The systems involved are than started up, step by step and calibrated to meet the specifications of the client.

We guarantee satisfactory outcomes by dealing in an accurate and structured manner with all the available technical data, drawings, inspection plans, test protocols and specifications. In this way we localize any malfunctions and immediately resolve them, as well as maximizing the performance and reliability of our installations.

We have various specializations within our commissioning team, including;

- navigation and communication systems,

- hybrid systems,

- audio & video systems.

- propulsion control systems

- power management systems

- lighting systems

Depending on the size of a project and its requirements, we can quickly switch from a single commissioning engineer to a larger team, led by a head commissioning engineer if needed. In this way we can respond to the demands of even the most complex projects.

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