The project manager is ultimately responsible for safety, quality, time, money and the project organisation. Our clients are highly professional organisations that carry out projects in a structured manner, for which project planning is an essential tool.

At Alewijnse, we focus on processing progress in the planning and cable database at short intervals. Reports give us, and our clients, a good overview of the current progress in relation to the baseline. This analysis is done for engineering, steelwork production, cable pulling, cable connection and commissioning.

The trend we see is that KPIs and progress reports are being standardised on projects in order to more easily see the overall progress on projects. This enables early detection of any obstructions that may occur in the future.

Alewijnse has extensive experience with large projects and setting up project schedules in which links are made per system between engineering, production and commissioning. The progress reports for cable pulling, for example, are compiled on a weekly basis. Thanks to the developed database, Alewijnse can report on the progress of cable pulling on a room-by-room basis. Based on this information, it is possible to indicate with certainty when ceilings will be closed and to identify where accelerations in the construction process may be necessary.

Here are a number of progress charts as an example:

project management
project management

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