The essence of the Alewijnse CSR policy is that every employee and supplier should carefully consider the impact that they will have on people, the planet and profit when making decisions.

As part of this policy, we strive for sustainable entrepeneurship where we focus on several key topics:

  • Maintaining our financial and profitable position;
  • Guaranteeing optimum working conditions for our employees;
  • Implementing energy efficient solutions for our customers;
  • Reducing our CO2 -Emissions.


At Alewijnse we strive to optimise working conditions for all our employees. By doing so, we aim to guarantee their safety, health and welfare as much as possible. We are guided by our awareness of our social responsibilities, the pursuit of high-quality workplaces, and the applicable legal requirements and wishes of our customers.

We also aim to be an employer of choice which fosters the right conditions for our people to connect with each other and to develop both professionally as well as personally. Our goal is to create a working environment in which our employees feel free to learn and feel part of a dedicated team.

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Efficient energy consumption increasingly determines policy plans within companies. Energy is our business and that's why we strive to understand how our customers can best achieve their energy goals. Alewijnse works closely with its clients to implement solutions that will lead to long-term reductions in their energy consumption and thus lower CO₂ emissions.

The projects that Alewijnse works on are often complex and so require innovative solutions. In addition to our knowledge and expertise in optimising processes, Alewijnse offers a wide range of options that will result in reductions in energy consumption for the industrial and maritime market segments in which it operates. These opportunities not only reduce CO₂2 emissions, but can also be very cost-efficient.

Alewijnse also sets itself goals in order to reduce its own CO2 emissions. In order to achieve these objectives we emphasise factors including: the use of clean and fuel-efficient cars, carpooling, videoconferencing and the procurement of green and sustainable energy.

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In order to live up to our CSR ambitions, both now and in the future, we need to maintain our healthy financial and profitable position. This means that we strive to create value for our customers by providing tailored technological solutions and continuously adapting to our environment, so as to stay relevant and maintain our position as a market leader in the field of system integration.

Alewijnse Socially Engaged

Over the past decade Alewijnse has become increasingly involved in a range of social projects. We believe in the importance of education and the role it has in shaping a healthy society. This belief has been substantiated by the continuous support given by the company to the university and local high schools, by way of targeted training, the donation of equipment and school supplies, and student scholarships.

Keeping community welfare in mind, Alewijnse has also been supporting the local foundation ‘Heart of a Child’ since 2012, by donating part of the profit tax. Due to raised awareness of the foundation inside the company, employees have also lent a hand and donated their 2% from the income tax to the foundation. The latter is using this to create its own afterschool programme to decrease school abandonment. This provides children from at-risk families with a hot meal, counselling, school materials and help with their homework. The foundation manages three individual day centres with afterschool programmes in Galati, Tecuci and Pechea, a village 40 kilometres outside of Galati. Children aged from 6 to 19, 226 in total, engage in educational and development activities in these day centres. 

Sustainable procurement

For materials not prescribed in the customers’ specifications, we use suppliers who produce products in a sustainable manner. Securing sustainable procurement requires that the sustainability aspects of the project are considered at an early stage within the purchasing organisation. When selecting possible subcontractors during the calculation phase, the sustainability of the suppliers has already been considered. After the contract has been awarded and before the formal start of the procurement process, consultation takes place between the project leader and the purchaser about the final selection of subcontractors for the project.

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