The onboard IT network is both the brain and the nervous system of the 21st century vessel.

Fully up-to-date and protected

Today’s vessel owners and crew expect their onboard IT systems to be corporate if not military grade in terms of processing power, connectivity, storage and, above all, security. In this fast-moving world, having the support of experts to ensure that their their IT systems remain fully up-to-date and protected is just as important as specifying and installing the original hardware and peripheral equipment to meet their leisure, office and control needs.

Ensuring current and future needs

With so much uncertainty, Alewijnse is the ideal partner for owners looking to ensure that their IT installations not only meets their current needs down to the last detail, but also stay that way in the years ahead. We offer enterprise-grade and intelligent networks (wired and wireless) that connect all onboard IT, entertainment, SAT, CCTV, telephony and other network-based systems.

Alewijnse ICT systems screen

IT applications on board

  • Virtualised server platform with managed server backups 
  • Office applications 
  • Data connections via 4G, public Wi-Fi, VSAT source selector 
  • Global connectivity 24/7 
  • Remote monitoring and support services 
  • Data prioritization and bandwidth management 
  • IPTV 
  • Crew internet 

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