Safety and security are essential factors, whether they relate to an exclusive yacht, commercial or naval vessels, or an industrial plant.

Alewijnse works together with naval and industrial architects and security experts from the earliest stages of a design to integrate security into the design of the vessel or plant. Both physical and cyber security measures are considered, taking advantage of today’s exceptional range of products and devices that detect, deter and alert.

We create solutions both for the immediate vicinity of an asset, including managing potential aerial and underwater threats, and also for perimeter detection and management up to a range of 25km.

colleagues working with systems

Physical Security

  • CCTV systems 
  • Unified threat management solutions 
  • Thermal camera systems 
  • Access control systems 
  • Intrusion detection systems 
  • Motion detection systems 
  • Monitoring & control solutions 
  • Perimeter protection 

Cyber Security 

  • Data encryption (both in storage and in transit) 
  • Monitoring data traffic and filtering web content and applications for intrusion detection and prevention 
  • Real-time security updates 
  • Advanced firewall capabilities 
  • Gateway anti-virus