The food industry is all about safety and smart cost control. We provide tailored solutions to the sector that help participants achieve these goals.

Sustainable Energy

We advise, analyse, draw up proposals and implement cost-reducing, sustainable energy solutions.


We support water companies by delivering tailored electrical and automation solutions which contribute to reliability and sustainability of their plant.

Industry today faces many challenges, including the need to reduce costs, the lifetime of inputs, carbon taxes and the achievement of energy savings.

Knowledge, skills, experience and all capabilties in house

Thanks to our market-specific knowledge of various industrial processes and sectors such as food, drinking water and manufacturing industry, we know which information is important in order for installations to be optimised to meet their objectives. As a systems integrator, we combine our experience with broad knowledge and expertise of engineering, panel construction, process automation and electrical engineering. We therefore have everything our customers need to bring and keep their systems in top condition and to help them meet their challenges.

Smart Industry is smart design

Smart industry is where large amounts of data generated by sensors on equipment and components in a production line are readily available on-site. By connecting the sensors to the network and connecting them to an overarching automation system, we make this data centrally available to the customer.  We also enable the visualisation of status reports and other operational data from the installations via  iPads, smart phones and tablets. Alewijnse's OEE application also provides customers with an accurate picture of the performance of their production lines, giving them insights into where optimisation actions are have the greatest effect.

Projects, service and maintenance.

From the maintenance of electrical and control installations to new installations for new construction projects, Alewijnse advises, designs and installs electrotechnical installations and implements new process automation. We involve external knowledge partners in our customers’ challenges for added insights and to reassure our customers that every option is being considered. Our enthusiastic teams of employees are highly flexible. As a result, conversions can take place at a time that is suitable for the customer. If production cannot be interrupted, then we can build a temporary installation so that production can continue unhindered. Following delivery, we offer full ongoing support with our 24/7/365 service teams. With their support, your downtime has never been so low.


Oasen - Alewijnse

C02 and nitrogen reduction

Alewijnse helps customers reduce their CO₂ and nitrogen emissions. Energy savings can often be achieved with simple measures. To further reduce environmental footprints, we can install and connect charging stations and solar panels as part of a project. We also minimise CO₂ and nitrogen emissions during the performance of our own work by using green generators and batteries.