Vitens has built a new clean water reservoir for around two million liters of clean drinking water in Wapenveld. The old tanks were built in 1964 and needed to be replaced.

New clean water reservoirs for absorbing peaks

The water in this clean water reservoir comes from production company Epe where the water is pumped up day and night. This water supply is a buffer for when, for example, there are peaks in demand for water. With the drinking water reservoirs, Vitens can always guarantee the supply of water.

Electrical engineering and process automation

Contractor company H. van Haarst won the tender for the construction of the reservoir. Alewijnse was then awarded the contract for the realisation of the electrical installation and process automation. Marco Jansen was the main contractor on this project. "Together with Van Haarst, we commenced construction in September 2018, and were occasionally present for the earthing and recesses in particular. The total construction time for the electrical installation took about 5 weeks. We then put the installation into operation. During the construction period, the process automation was also set up.

Delivery, party and compliments

Although completion had already taken place in November 2019, the reservoir only opened in celebration on 19 March 2020. Marco proudly continues: "Vitens stated that they were satisfied with the quality of both the electrical engineering work and the process automation realised. So those are the compliments for the whole team".

Vitens reservoirs

  • Total number of clean water reservoirs approx. 270
  • Total salvage volume 350,000 m3
  • Volume per reservoir varies from 300 m3 to as much as 15,000 m3 (near Enschede and Utrecht).

Photo by Aannemersbedrijf H. van Haarst



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