Oceanco-1050H - Alewijnse
Project 1050H
Liberty Island-teaser- Alewijnse
Dredging, Offshore & Transport
Liberty Island
La Datcha SeaXplorer 77 Damen
Damen SeaXplorer 77 La Datcha
OceanXplorer alewijnse electrification lighting
Dredging, Offshore & Transport
Research vessel OceanXplorer
Antartic vessel, systems, electrification
Naval & Governmental
Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel Nuyina
Oceanco MY Bravo Eugenia night in Capri - Credits Mario Coppola .jpg
Bravo Eugenia
Dredging, Offshore & Transport
TSHD Krakesandt
Naval & Governmental
HNLMS Den Helder
Amels Series lighting luxury
Amels 60 Superyachts Series

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"We have a long and very fruitful cooperation with Alewijnse. We work together well and they have a flexible, no-nonsense approach that will always find a solution for any issue that arises. Personally, I have worked with them for over twenty years and value their professionalism and their in-depth knowledge and experience."

Arie Midavaine, Project Manager Damen Yachting

This project called for passion, dedication, and extraordinary craftsmanship. The strong relationships that Oceanco has built with our trusted partners and suppliers is key to the success of a such a complex endeavour. We are thankful for the positive energy, proactive attitude and enthusiasm that was brought to the recreation of 1050H by the whole Alewijnse team.

Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO

"The Krakesandt has been a beautiful and innovative project. She is the second hopper dredger of this type to be delivered successfully and on time in a period when the global supply chain is facing many challenges. This is an exceptional achievement by all parties involved. We thank Alewijnse and our other partners for their contributions to these projects".

Emiel Mocking, manager newbuilding at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards, commented on the cooperation with Alewijnse

Alewijnse is a reliable and professional partner for us. Our projects are delivering good results and we are very satisfied with Alewijnse’s extensive knowledge and expertise, flexibility and service, and the quality of the vessels that it delivers

Pieter den Herder from Den Herder Seaworks

"Alewijnse's extensive expertise and many years of experience in the industrial and maritime sectors means that they are at home with all types of automation solutions and electrical installations and have good contacts with the right suppliers. This allows them to take on entire projects as a partner and deliver total packages in the areas of data processing, automation, process controls, hardware, electrical installation and commissioning, thereby creating maximum added value for our partners and end users."

Edwin Akkerman, work planner at VB Geo Projects, says regarding their choice of Alewijnse

"This dialogue for Kaliwaal 41 ensures that we can control our production process even more efficiently. The project was completed in cooperation with Alewijnse to our complete satisfaction.”

Michel van Komen, production and implementation coordinator at Van Nieuwpoort Bouwgrondstoffen

Alewijnse was chosen for the electrical consoles of the two Portuguese M-frigates Bartolomeu Dias and Francisco de Almeida, based on its previous successful delivery of the command centre consoles on board four Dutch and Belgian M-frigates between 2010 and 2014.

KLTZ (TD) Schoonhoff, the project manager responsible for the project at DMO, describes the cooperation with Alewijnse as professional and reliable

“I am looking forward to collaborating with Alewijnse on the Royal Netherlands Navy’s (RNLN) Combat Support Ship, HNLMS Den Helder. Having worked together in the past on similar projects – such as the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman – I am very confident in their suitability for this project.”

Arjan Risseeuw, project director Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS)