These types of projects require a completely different approach to new builds. Good teamwork, transparent communications and planning are the keys to success.

After a long lifetime in operation a vessel or industrial plant will most likely not be state-of-the-art anymore. New technical developments and changes in rules and regulations will have given recent new builds the advantage in efficiency, performance and compliance. However, in such cases a refit or conversion can offer a cost-effective alternative to a new build, either extending the lifetime of the existing asset or modifying it for a different purpose.

A refit can be defined as putting a vessel or industrial plant back into good condition by repairing it and / or adding new parts. A conversion can be defined as a change in function or use, such as converting a luxury explorer yacht into a survey vessel.









Teamwork, communication and planning

These types of projects require a completely different approach to new builds. Factors ranging from outdated drawings of installations and tight schedules to integrating new rules and regulations into structures not designed to accommodate them can make these projects very challenging. But within Alewijnse we have the knowledge and experience to handle them. Teamwork, transparent communications and planning are the keys to success when it comes to delivering first-class refits and conversions.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in electrical refits and conversions in both maritime and industrial sectors, built up over many years. We are able to deliver high standard electrical and automation solutions that are pre-prepared for future upgrades and easy to maintain. These solutions can be designed, engineered, produced, installed and commissioned by us, with our customers receiving comprehensive support throughout their projects.

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Expert in electrical refits & conversions

We are experts in all kinds of electrical refits and conversions. These can include mid-life refits, conversions of manufacturing plants, conversions to hybrid or LNG/MGO propulsion, and renovating jack-ups or other installations in the offshore wind sector. A typical Alewijnse project can include some or all of the following aspects:

  • Electrical installation
  • Process automation systems
  • Vessel automation systems
  • Navigation & communication systems
  • Audio video & ICT systems
  • Power & distribution systems
  • Switchboards & consoles
  • Safety & security systems