Niels and Mark both started as trainees at Alewijnse. Niels is working towards the position of hardware engineer and Mark’s goal is to become a software engineer. We asked them what makes this work so interesting for them.

Both were already familiar with the company, but it is pure coincidence that the two men started full-time positions at Alewijnse at the same time. Mark had had a summer job at Alewijnse in 2017 and Niels first experienced the company on an internship assignment during his studies. 'Alewijnse made a great impression on me, so when I began looking for a job I immediately went and looked at their vacancies', says Mark. It was a clear choice for Niels as well: 'The search for a suitable employer was not difficult for me. I followed my instincts and submitted an open application  to Alewijnse, which was accepted. Once back, it immediately felt just like the old days.'

You see a yacht growing into something amazing. It starts off as a hull and slowly gets built up into a beautiful ship, dozens of metres in length. It's always great to see the result when a project is finished, especially when you later see photos of the ship in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Mark Koenderink, Software Engineer

Mark: 'I'm constantly working with the latest techniques, and you don't always work on the same project, which gives me a lot of variety in my work. No two ships are the same, of course, and that's what makes the work so interesting as far as I'm concerned. It also makes it a challenge to ensure that each project is a success every time. Looking ahead, I certainly have the ambition to grow within my field. Luckily, we get plenty of room for that at Alewijnse.'


Niels: ‘Working on the engineering of systems for the most luxurious yachts and technical offshore vessels, who wouldn't want that? The variety of the work makes it very interesting for me. A big part of this is the interaction between the shipyard, manufacturers, subcontractors and colleagues. This keeps me energised as I work on the projects. I also really like the combination of technology and communication. Personally, I really need that social aspect and fortunately, is well represented at Alewijnse. Besides the interesting work, we regularly organise fun events with colleagues.'

It’s great to see that Alewijnse remains a real family business. Our colleagues all work with the same goal: We Connect. We do this not only with our systems, but also as a team. Thanks to the commitment of both direct and indirect colleagues, I enjoy starting work every day.

Niels Koenderink, Hardware Engineer

Despite the many similarities between the brothers, they certainly have two distinct personalities. Both Niels and Mark have their own fields of expertise and their own qualities. For example, Mark likes to get to the bottom of things and figure out all the technical details. Niels, on the other hand, is more socially oriented and is more likely to approach someone for help in that area. He also regularly thinks about his future at Alewijnse. ‘Eventually I'd like to grow into project management,’ Niels says.


In addition to their personal differences, there are of course also differences in the positions they hold. They have completed the same education, but each from a different perspective and with different interests. Hardware engineers, like Niels, make an inventory of what is already present on a ship and then what is needed. They then engineer the systems and cabling themselves. As a software engineer, Mark is more concerned with the operation and control of various systems. As they themselves describe it, a hardware engineer looks at a system more from the outside and a software engineer from the inside.


Mark and Niels don't see much of each other at the office, but for the time being they are enjoying working together at home in their attic, where they have created their own Alewijnse office. ‘We're trying to create an Alewijnse atmosphere at home too, so we've already hung up drawings and photos of ships, just like in the office,’ Niels says, laughing.


At Alewijnse, we not only connect people and technology, but we also connect colleagues with each other and with their passions. Would you like to be part of the Alewijnse team? Check out our vacancies or send us an open application.

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