Key Features

  • Type approved ECDIS navigation system to meet IMO standards.
  • Powerful Windows based PC with 24 or 27” wide screens
  • Easy to use navigation tool built by navigators for navigators
  • Support ENC (Primar, IC-ENC), AVCS, ARCS (UKHO) and AIO overlay.
  • S52 and INT1 chart presentation
  • Integrated online electronic chart ordering / updating services
  • Radar overlay
  • Dual or triple ECDIS900 architecture enabling Paperless navigation
  • Worlwide Support
  • Full range of training facilities (Approved CBT, Train the trainer program, numerous training schools, on line WEB training )
  • Designed to comply with additional regulations set by Flag States, Port State Control and Vetting (OCIMF, SIRE)
  • Integrated chart management via email or Internet:,MBA, MASTER Bridge Assistant, MCP, Maris Customer Portal
  • Universal Radar overlay
  • Multiples layers display: paper T&P, Navtex, weather forecasts, Total Tide, user defined objects.
  • Additional Route Planning functions: Navigation editor, parallel index, SAR, Voyage Plan with UKC calculation, linking route and objects/alarms
  • Precise navigation tools: Predictor, Docking mode, Active Leg panel
  • Multiples add-on functions: Route optimization, Dead man alarm, BNWAS interface, approved TCS, Conning Display
  • Customized modules for Seismic vessels and for Pilots


  • Proven: 2500+ ships sail with ECDIS900
  • Easy to use: Standard Windows interface
  • Multi functions workstation running ECDIS, MBA, Navtex server, ADP, Conning Display.
  • Interfaced with most of the navigation equipments: Radar, BNWAS, Navtex, AIS, Auto pilot, Central Alarm system.
  • Universal Radar Overlay
  • Multiple add on functions to address the vetting inspector requirements for Paperless navigation: Advanced planning tools with navigation editors, extended logbook with -graphical replay.
  • Integrated chart services making the use of electronic charts very simple
  • Electronic charts costs control thanks to MCP, Maris Customer Portal, a WEB tool for the ship owner
  • Full range of Training facilities
  • Compliant with additional regulations set by Flag States, Port State Control and Vetting (OCIMF, SIRE

System is compliant with IMO Resolution A.694(17), MSC.191(79), MSC.232(82), MSXC.302(87), and SN.1/Circ.266 to include IHO Presentation Library Version 4.0 and IEC 61174 Edition 4 (2015-08); including Annex G (Certification of the Raster Chart Display System (RCDS)).