Raytheon Anschütz offers an advanced electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) in a modern, state of the art design.

ECDIS NX was designed to effectively support the daily tasks and use cases of navigators. During route monitoring the navigator benefits from a display with maximum chart area.

Important operational functions are available at a single click, and indications can be fixed or retracted as needed, based on navigator preferences. User and task oriented profile settings support safety and usability.

Route planning, as a key feature, is now a wizard-guided process that further utilizes intuitive principles such as point to chart or drag and drop to set waypoints as well as a self-explanatory route manager and comprehensive voyage planning tools. Optional upgrades in functionality beyond IMO-requirements include highly precise track control Cat. C, digital radar video overlay including display of merged multi-radar video sources, tender tracking, and additional chart formats such as ARCS and BSB.

Being fully compliant to rules and regulations, having support of Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO by AVCS) and being prepared for S-100 charts make the Synapsis ECDIS NX the first choice for a modern, future proof bridge design. Crews will familiarize themselves quickly with the new user interface and the human-centered operation concept. This makes ECDIS NX also a perfect solution for retrofits.

All deliveries include access to the maker-specific online ECDIS training. A partner network of land-based training facilities is also available.