The Model ST60 C Band antenna system from Sea Tel is a radically new design providing seamless TV reception around the world. The new cutting edge pedestal
design of the ST60 is based on Sea Tel’s leading XX09 platform and enables users to receive TV on Global Circular or Linear C Band services practically anywhere around the world. The ST60 system includes a highly efficient back-fire feed design. The ST60 also features high performance stabilization and satellite tracking using a 3-axis closed loop stabilization system, providing quality performance in the roughest of seas. The ST60 uses the same electronics and the Digital Antenna Controller (DAC) as on our other Gen 2 electronics sysems. The ST60 has a compact, attractive all-white radome, DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) signal identification, and Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software. It includes atwo year warranty on parts, and one year on labor.

This game changing TV-at-Sea system enables watching TV even in some of the most remote marine regions of the world on C-band services

The ST60 features Unlimited Azimuth operation using a 2-channel rotary joint ensuring uninterrupted TV services; no more waiting for the system to “unwrap.”

With the ST60 you will realistically never be out of range to watch TV.