The SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is a direct evolution of the innovative SAILOR 900 VSAT platform, which has become a benchmark for quality and high

Focus on higher return links
While one metre Ku-band antennas with 8W RF configurations are now a de-facto standard for global Ku-band networks, the ever increasing demand for more band
width and higher data throughput also for the uplink to the satellite has triggered demand for antenna systems with higher RF power.

A competitive package
To meet the challenge, Cobham SATCOM has employed its proven engineering method to design and specify a new 20W extended frequency BUC, with focus on
performance and reliability. Because it is an in-house design, Cobham SATCOM has ensured that all environmental challenges are met. With this advanced new BUC, the SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is verified to provide reliable operation downlink and uplink even in regions with high temperatures.

Two Antennas, One Subscription
Service Level Agreements (SLA) are a crucial aspect of maritime IT and communication solutions. In order to meet the demand for high SLAs, especially when
there are obstructions on the ship that cannot be overcome by setting up blocking zones, satcom service providers some times install two antennas. The SAILOR
Ku-Band VSAT platform makes this easier and less costly as it can operate two antenna systems on a single modem with out the need for an extra box to manage the connection to the VSAT modem. The two SAILOR antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and satellite router fully automatically and the switch-over happens in just 20 milli seconds.

More Power – More Flexibility
New Ku-band and Ka-band high through put satellites (HTS) are coming online. All SAILOR Ku-Band VSAT has been tested to work on HTS services, including Intelsat’s
EpicNG. Additionally, even with its unique higher power BUC, the SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is prepared for conversion from Ku- to Ka-band operation should the project demand it. State-of-the-art electronics, and a reflector dish and radome tuned for optimum performance on both Ku- and Ka-band frequencies ensure that SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is an incredibly flexible solution.