The SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka is the smallest, lightest and most advanced 3-axis stabilised Ka-band antenna system for the THOR 7 satellite network from
Telenor Satellite. Its unique composite/aluminium design keeps weight down and the well-prov en SAILOR VSAT technology streamlines the deployment process and maximises operational uptime.

Though SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka is a superlight antenna, it has the ruggedness and reliability required of a professional maritime stabilised antenna system.
Additionally, the low weight and compac form factor make it possible for smaller vessels to benefit from VSAT connectivity, when before it may not have been an option because of the need for larger heavier antennas.

Super light, super rugged
SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and still deliver high bandwidth connectivity on THOR 7. It is the fastest tracking antenna
available in this size, with superior dynamic performance in all axes; roll, pitch and yaw. This high performance means that vessels more affected by rough seas can
make the most of THOR 7 services, as SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka can maintain a link even in extreme conditions.

A simple revolution in VSAT deployment
Advanced antenna systems like SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka simplify the once complex process of VSAT antenna procurement and installation. This saves time and
money. Cobham SATCOM has achieved this revolution not through a single design breakthrough, but with a wealth of features and design details unique to the

SAILOR VSAT technology platform. For instance, a single cable between antenna and below deck equipment for RF, power and data combined with Automatic
Azimuth Calibration and Automatic Cable Calibration enable unique ‘one touch commissioning’. The Dynamic Motor Brakes inside the antenna remove the requirement for mechanical brake straps and make sure the antenna is kept in balance in any no-power situation, at sea or during transport.

Re-defining maritime broadband
Integrating SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka with the iDirect X7 Satellite Router is the smartest, most cost-effective way to access ground-breaking new high throughput
satellite (HTS) services on THOR 7. Higher speeds, more reliability and class-leading installation time and cost savings, means this combination of state-of-the-art hardware and next generation services offers the ultimate support for business applications, vessel operations and crew welfare.

Streamlining remote access and diagnostics
Just like all other SAILOR VSAT systems, the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka is incredibly easy to manage; ensuring service providers can offer the best possible support to
customers anywhere in the world. Easy remote access and diagnostic features include monthly statistics logging, SNMP and built-in e-mail clients that automatically email historical logging of system performance.