Argos Navigation Series

The Argos Series improves navigation safety by detecting underwater hazards and shallow bottoms up to 1000m ahead of the vessel. These forward looking sonar systems produce real-time 3D imagery providing users with the knowledge to know where it’s safe to navigate. With this patented technology, users are able to travel in unknown and unchartered waters. We understand safety is the #1 priority and at the same time, see the importance of nurturing one's sense of adventure and enthusiasm for exploring new places

Painting a Clear Picture of What Lies Ahead

Our chart overlay and 3D sonar displays make it easy to quickly understand what lies ahead underwater. Our fast update rate paints the entire 3D image with a single ping eliminating wait time. Over the years, we have developed an easy-to-understand interface giving captains and crew an user friendly real-time picture of what lies ahead on the seafloor and in the water column.

High-tech Sonar Processing

FarSounder navigational sonar systems have a unique phased array technology, which transmits a wide transmission of sound. This allows for single-ping 3D-processing and fast refreshes. As a result, the systems aren’t limited by multipath interference, roll/pitch, surface effects, and ship motion. And with our easy to understand technology, navigators can distinguish between the seafloor and dangerous in-water obstacles through the systems’ processing of depth measurement and color mapping.

Local History Mapping™ (LHM)

Our Local History Mapping™ capability gives users the ability to build a 3D map of the seafloor where they’ve recently sailed in the chart overlay view. Navigators will see a color-coded, real-time picture of the sea floor ahead of the vessel, as well as where they have been. Since our sonar has a wide horizontal field-of-view ahead of the vessel, a single pass of an Argos 3D forward-looking sonar with LHM can map a much wider swath of the seafloor than a standard echosounder.

Product Comparison and Full Specs

Every ship needs protection from the unknown. There are many potential dangers undetectable with traditional navigation tools. We have designed 3 models to address this reality and fulfil the navigational needs of all types of vessels based on their size and maximum operational speeds.