Our ADLS calculates and visualizes important outputs, enabling maximum production efficiency.

The ADLS accurately measures several key variables using high quality sensors:  

  • Vessel draught  
  • Trim and ballast tank volumes  
  • Hopper volumes  
  • Overflow position  


Based on these measurements, the ADLS calculates and visualises important outputs, enabling maximum production efficiency:

  • Vessel tilt & list  
  • Hopper load & volume (in-situ and tonnes dry solid)  
  • Production efficiency  
  • Pump production  
  • Actual load rate and efficiency  
Alewijnse draught and loading system (ADLS) does its job

To enable further dredge cycle optimization, the ADLS offers several advanced automatic control functions:  

  • Automatic Draught Controller (ADC), for better production and safety  
  • Automatic Light Mixture to Overboard (ALMO), for increased production  
  • Water Layer Controller (WLC), for reduced environmental impact