Rather than selling off-the-shelf systems, our approach is based on proactively exploring what our customers seek from their hybrid systems.

Only after we have performed a detailed analysis of our customers’ needs do we start designing the systems that will best meet their needs in partnership with the owners’ representatives, naval architects and the proposal & design engineers at the yards.

We offer a comprehensive service, working in partnership with our customers from the initial conceptual design and simulation stage, through basic and detailed design, procurement and production, to installation, commissioning and after-sales service. 


Alewijnse offers a total system approach in hybrid propulson and generation solutions for superyachts and other vessels.

As Alewijnse we understand just how complex hybrid systems are. We even have a formula for this; Complexity = (Drive System)². We also appreciate that our clients require human machine interfaces that are highly intuitive. Our design methodology uses a modular format, with the core components for hybrid systems of all types essentially pre-designed using parts based on proven technologies supplied by our OEM’s.

We then apply our expertise in the design and production of the electrical plant, automation, monitoring and control components to create the integrated hybrid systems that best fulfil the performance and functionality objectives of our  customers and their vessels. In particular, our automation system makes our systems easy to monitor and simple to operate with one-touch functionality via touchscreens. 

Whatever we do, we always aim to be effective and to supply systems that are straightforward to use and that deliver safety at every level, be it in the form of redundancy, reliability or the integration of carefully thought-out fall back modes in case of failures

Maurice Seijkens, Sales Manager @Alewijnse

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