Looking for a partner in the energy transition to optimise your installations? We guide you through every step, from maximizing your installations to advising on adjustments in your energy network. With our expertise and precise guidance, you gain insights into matters such as energy consumption and storage, making your installations work more efficiently and saving your company time and costs.


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Energy Management


Energy management is the process of planning, monitoring, and managing the total energy consumption (including gas, water, heat, etc.) of an organization to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. Energy management provides solutions to some of today's challenges. For instance, when sustainably generated energy cannot be fed back into the grid or when companies want to expand but encounter full power grids.


Improving energy quality


Alewijnse assists you in optimizing energy efficiency (power quality) and ensuring the continuity and safety of installations. This enables you to get more energy from your existing energy connection without needing a larger energy connection.


Generating sustainable energy with (own) solar panels or with wind turbines


If you want to become more independent from your energy suppliers and start generating sustainable energy yourself, we can assist you with advice, design, installation, and the establishment of a secure infrastructure.


Charging Solutions


With the increase in electric vehicles, the demand for charging solutions is also rapidly rising. Whether it's a charging station for charging cars or a charging plaza for heavier vehicles, we seek a solution tailored to your situation for every request. Because we are not bound to specific solutions, we can also combine solutions and apply the latest innovative techniques.


Energy Storage


The ability to temporarily store (electric) energy aims to utilize the generated energy more efficiently and completely independent of demand. During periods of high energy demand, energy can potentially be drawn from stored reserves. During off-peak hours, the energy reserves can then be replenished. This will result in a significant savings on your energy bill.


Energy Infrastructure

Such a complex electrical infrastructure with grid connection, generation, feed-in, storage, etc., is no longer (safely) manageable for the user and requires added intelligence to safely manage all energy flows. Apart from the purchase costs of batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels themselves, there are costs associated with setting up and establishing a safe electrical infrastructure, a secure storage location, and possibly permits needed to realize it. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of alternatives so that you can make an informed choice and know in advance what it will yield for you.



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