The maintenance-friendly solution cuts hardware and cabling by 75 percent.

This latest contract reaffirms the successful cooperation between DEME and Alewijnse in the field of automation and digitalisation. Together, the two companies have to date successfully completed over twenty such projects over the past five years.

Alewijnse DEME AlViVi

Innovative control system

AlViVi is an innovative control system jointly developed by Alewijnse and DEME to enable the faster and more efficient development and maintenance of IT systems on board vessels and offshore installations. The solution is based on a central, redundant server system that virtualisates all dredging process-related data. The result is that the data generated by the systems centralised within AIViVi can be visualised and manipulated from any connected screen onboard the ship. This means that the innovative platform replaces around 75% of the computers, keyboards, video and mouse (KVM) hardware and significantly reduces the cabling requirements.

The AIViVi digitalisation solution is already up and running on six trailing suction hopper dredgers in the fleet of the DEME Group, one of the largest dredging companies in the world.

Intensive collaboration in dredging

Alewijnse and DEME Group have been working together intensively since 2015 on automation and electrical installation solutions for DEME's dredging fleet. Alewijnse closed the contract for this latest order due to its proven high quality of service, expertise and performance combined with previous successful implementation of the technology on other DEME dredgers and offshore vessels. 

The awarding of this latest order is a confirmation of our many years of successful cooperation. DEME has once again demonstrated the confidence it has in us to deliver a digitalisation solution in the form of an innovative and successful platform for hosting their dredging software together with that relating to equipment supplied by third parties.

Johan van Rikxoort, Product Manager @Alewijnse

Alewijnse has been working well together for five years, continuously addressing the challenges of taking the effectiveness and performance of the DEME vessels to the next level. Together we reinforce each other in the development of new techniques and applications. By realising the latest control concepts, we can contribute proactively to the future-proofing and simplification of the maintenance and management of DEME's fleet.

A proven partner in dredging and offshore in automation solutions

Alewijnse has played a significant role in the development and implementation of automation and electrical installations on board the dredging and offshore vessels operated by DEME. The Dutch systems integrator is a proven partner in the field of dredge automation systems, dredging process solutions and dredging control systems. Previously projects include the PLC refit and development of dredge application solutions on board the TSHDs Nile River, Lange Wapper and Uilenspiegel; as well as a new alarm and monitoring system on board the Nile River and an upgrade of the ADLS and ASTS dredging systems on board the TSHD Mellina.

Alewijnse DEME AlViVi

DEME and Alewijnse also work closely on solutions for offshore (wind) vessels. Joint projects have included the supply and installation of an innovative and intuitive vessel management system for the helicopter deck of jack-up vessel Apollo, the electrical outfitting of the cable-layer Living Stone and the development of two advanced QA Bolt Tension Logging systems for the installation of wind turbines.

The platform is fast, user-friendly and extremely reliable, resulting in maximum uptime and optimal operational security. By bringing together multiple systems in one environment, their maintenance and management becomes much easier and more efficient. Updates are better and faster to test or roll back. In addition, the life-time of the software is extended by the independence of the platform and the system is also extremely secure from intruders.

Product Manager Johan van Rikxoort outlines the benefits of AlViVi

DEME Group

DEME's trailing suction hopper dredgers form part of the large fleet of dredgers operated by DEME. The group has one of the most modern and versatile fleets in the global dredging industry and its vessels can be found operating all over the world.

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