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Every Drop Sustainable. At Alewijnse, we are committed to projects that pave the way for an environmentally-conscious future. Our latest venture is with Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands. We are working with them to establish a sustainable water ecosystem in the Dutch province Overijssel so as to ensure an ample supply of top-quality water for everyone. Vitens is leveraging Alewijnse's expertise in electrical installations and automation at their drinking water locations.

In harmony with the environment

The Overijssel region faces a shortage of reserve capacity for drinking water, particularly during warm and dry periods. To address this, Vitens is installing four new extraction wells in Boerhaar and also undertaking extensive renovation and expansion works at the production site in Diepenveen, as specified in the contract with main contractor Salverda Bouw, Alewijnse is handling the electrical installation and automation at these locations.

Alewijnse draagt bij aan duurzaam waterecosysteem voor Vitens

Successful collaboration

Gerard Jansen, Sales Engineer at Alewijnse, explained, "Salverda Bouw chose Alewijnse due to our successful, decades-long, collaboration with Vitens, spanning from small service tasks to large multidisciplinary projects. A notable example is the recent construction of the Vechterweerd production site, where Alewijnse executed the complete electrical and control installation."

Innovation in water purification

For the new extraction wells in Boerhaar, Alewijnse is responsible for the complete installation of four new and two renovated wells. The Diepenveen production site is undergoing thorough renovation and expansion, including incorporating a new purification step in the aeration building that will reduce chemical consumption - a sustainable solution aligned with the philosophy of Every Drop Sustainable.

"We are contracted for the complete replacement of the current power supply system,” continues Gerard Jansen. “This includes an upgrade of the control to the latest Vitens standard for Overijssel, and various other expansions and renovations. The plans can be executed without any disruption to the water production process."

We look forward to this project with confidence. Leveraging our extensive expertise in converting electrical installations with guaranteed water supplies, we can make a valuable contribution to Vitens' projects and contribute to the sustainability of water ecosystems in the Netherlands.

Gerard Jansen, sales engineer @ Alewijnse

Alewijnse contributes to sustainable water ecosystem for Vitens


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