The SAILOR SP3520 GMDSS Portable VHF is approved to fulfil the GMDSS requirements for portable VHF radios for Safety at Sea and is waterproof to the IP67 standard. As part of the required safety equipment, the SAILOR SP3520 GMDSS Portable VHF is to be used in an emergency situation.

However the best way to guarantee functionality in an emergency situation, is to use the radio in daily communication on board. The SAILOR SP3520 GMDSS Portable VHF is designed for daily use and it connects easily to external equipment like headsets and fist mikes, making the SP3520 suitable for any noisy environment. The unique battery concept makes the radio suited for both daily use and emergency situations. The primary emergency battery is to be stored for emergency situations and a secondary rechargeable battery can be used for daily communication in your new portable VHF transceiver. The radio is designed with a unique man machine interface, an excellent grip even with gloves, and large tactile buttons. The display has red adjustable backlight which makes the display visible even at night.

The radio is equipped with a lanyard and a belt clip. A huge accessory program comes with the SAILOR SP3500 series.