The SAILOR 6391 Navtex System sets new standards in functionality and flexibility for SOLAS man dated Navtex receivers. As a black box system, with separate touch screen user-interface, it introduces a new approach that enhances safety and efficiency, whilst being fully SOLAS compliant. It is a next
generation system offering new installation and operation possibilities today, with the potential to become part of the fully net worked bridge in the future.

SAILOR products are world-renowned for their quality, reliability, robustness and user friendliness. They support safety by enabling communication in any conditions.
Designed 100% in-house, the SAILOR 6391 Navtex System has all of these qualities, so you can be confident in your ability to receive all relevant Navtex messages, wherever you are in the world. Choosing the SAILOR 6391 Navtex System gives you:

  • 100% network integration – flexible
    installation options
  • Multifunction user friendly touch screen
    interface – works with different devices
  • Easy & cost-effective servicing and
    software updates – easy on board and
    remote access
  • SOLAS compliance for Navtex
    messages – part of the SAILOR 6000
    GMDSS Series
  • Future-proof – ready for bridge and com
    munication system integration

Modular design
The SAILOR 6391 Navtex System consists of the SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver, which receives Navtex messages on the international Navtex frequencies 490 kHz,
518 kHz and 4209.5 kHz, and the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel, a 7” touch screen that provides excellent viewing clarity in all light conditions so all messages can be seen and understood. Modular design means that the receiver can be installed anywhere on board whilst the control panel can be placed anywhere on the bridge. They are linked by dual LAN (NMEA also included), so communication between the two is highly reliable, but installation is incredibly flexible.

Touch screen apps
Whilst the SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver can also be used as a standalone receiver and networked with any Integrated Navigation System (INS), the benefits of
the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel is that it can also be used for other devices on the network, including the SAILOR 628x AIS System. It is a true multifunction display,
with a familiar touch screen interface, where the user simply selects the app icon required for access and control of the device chosen. By enabling operation of
different devices, the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel offers cost-efficiencies whilst making operation easier, and therefore, safer.

Network advantage
The networking aspects of the SAILOR 6391 Navtex System are based on the open ThraneLINK protocol developed in-house at Cobham SATCOM. Over the top of this is the Thrane Management Application (TMA), a tool that enables engineers to access the network and all devices on it from a single point, which makes maintenance and software upgrades easy and more cost-efficient. The system can even be accessed remotely from shore, making it a pioneering product of the truly connected maritime safety world.