The SAAB R5 SUPREME AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels and advanced applications such as Secure and Warship AIS. It fully utilises our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is in operation in over 20,000 ships worldwide. The R5 system features cutting-edge digital radio design, resulting from more than fi ve years’ research into software defi ned radios. Sharing radio technology with military grade systems, the R5 technology is a major leap forward into the future of AIS radios. The highly versatile R5 platform will continue to evolve as new requirements are introduced, and will remain at the forefront of AIS technology for many years to come. The SUPREME version of the R5 technology provides the user with a fl exible, future-proof product. The large colour touch-screen display and multitude of interfaces make the system highly appropriate for integration into modern networked bridge solutions.