Standard 22 NX is the successor of the popular Standard 22 gyro compass. It comes with completely renewed electronics and provides more interfaces – for serial data communication, communication via Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management, and above all, easier installation and integration. Standard 22 NX maintains the quality characteristics of Standard 22 – proven over 15 years with more than 20,000 installations. System integration is realised with a real time  redundant CAN bus ensuring that Standard 22 NX can be used with the existing heading distribution systems and in combination with Standard 22 and the maintenance free Standard 30 MF.


The Standard 22 NX gyro compass offers customers an attractive price / performance ratio over lifetime:

• Easy to integrate, even into existing systems

• Long-term stability of heading information

• Long maintenance intervals

• Long lifetime of gyrosphere (in average five years)

• Worldwide immediate spare part and service support

Standard 22 NX is a smart solution and a secure investment in

your ship – for a long time.


Standard 22 NX uses the unique sensor technology from Raytheon Anschütz. The design ensures that environmental influences, such as vibrations and shocks, are kept away from the sensor and do not influence heading accuracy. Wear and tear is eliminated by use of electronic data transmission technology that completely replaces the use of slip rings.


The installation of Standard 22 NX into a heading management system is realised via a redundant CAN bus. CAN bus has the advantage that it operates in real time, can be up to 400m in length and only needs 6 wires. The configuration of Standard 22 NX is completed via a webserver. No dedicated tools are re quired except for a notebook and a browser. Configurations can be up- and downloaded – so the required time for configuration can go down to minutes.


Standard 22 NX provides all interfaces that you need today and in future. It provides heading and rate-of-turn as serial data. Rate-of-turn indicators can be connected directly to Standard 22 NX. All data is also available on two Ethernet interfaces. The compliance to the Ethernet standard IEC61162-450 ensures that the next generation Radar, ECDIS, etc. can be connected. Standard 22 NX is also compliant to Bridge Alert Management (BAM). A Central Alert Management (CAM) display can be connected via Ethernet or serial data.