The complete electrical installation included the integrated platform management system and the integrated bridge system.

Complete electrical fit-out

Alewijnse Marine was awarded a contract by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) for the complete delivery, installation, commissioning and testing of the complete electrical fit-out for the Damen Sigma 10514 Long Range Patrol Vessel Arm Juarez. As the project progressed, Alewijnse staff was deployed both at the DSNS shipyard in Vlissingen and at the local foreign yard.

Integrated platform management system

The delivery of the complete electrical installation included the integrated platform management system and the integrated bridge system. The work was carried out by Alewijnse Marine Galati. The 105-metre, 2,365 tonne warship was built using a modular system. The bridge and engine room were built in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, with the remaining four built at the local foreign yard with support from Damen and its specialist contractors. On completion the bridge and engine room modules were shipped to the local foreign yard for final assembly and delivery early 2020.


The contract also required the transfer of skills and technology from Alewijnse to the foreign yard workforce with the goal of supporting the development of the national shipbuilding industry. Alewijnse is delighted that Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding had once again chosen Alewijnse as its partner on a highly complex naval vessel. Our cooperation on the Indonesian programme had been highly successful and we could now bring the valuable experience gained there to this next project. We look forward to another productive partnership.

Alewijnse Mexican Navy’s POLA-class ARM Reformador for Damen Naval

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