The Amazon is one of the most capable and sophisticated J-Lay pipe layers afloat today.

Alewijnse IHC McDermott Amazon J-lay vessel

Alewijnse has completed of a two-year project working with Royal IHC and energy solutions provider McDermott International, undertaking the cabling of McDermott’s 200-metre vessel Amazon as part of its conversion to a J-Lay pipe laying vessel. The size and complexity of the project meant that at its peak over 270 Alewijnse personnel were working on Amazon for Royal IHC, where a total of more than 385,000 engineer hours were logged.

The conversion saw the Amazon transformed from a construction vessel to one of the most capable and sophisticated J-Lay pipe layers afloat today. In order to undertake its next assignment, a one-of-a-kind, patented pipe-laying system was installed, with dynamic top tension capacity of 1,500 tonnes and capable of handling a wide variety of pipes and undertake projects in the deepest waters. To maximise its productivity, it has highly automated onboard operation processes for optimised safety performance and production efficiency.

Alewijnse became involved in Q3 2020, taking over from a previous contractor. This required a detailed discovery process before work could begin, which resulted in substantial remedial works having to be taken thereafter. These included Alewijnse engineers having to cut and remove cables from the original ship’s installation before renewing and restoring them. Alewijnse also routed 72% of all cabling alongside continuing the installation and connection process. In total, 420km of cables were laid, connected and cold wire checked.

Alewijnse IHC McDermott Amazon J-lay vessel

As part of the brief we also commissioned a number of previously installed systems including the lighting and the watertight doors, the PA and GA systems and the CCTV. The final activities were carried out on board in close collaboration with McDermott International.

Ben Bonte, Projects and Refits Manager at Alewijnse Netherlands