On board this Oceanco mega yacht, Alewijnse is responsible for the complete electrical systems integration.

Alewijnse has successfully executed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of an Alewijnse Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) for a superyacht at Oceanco, for which Alewijnse is contracted for the complete electrical systems integration, including the engineering and installation of the alarm monitoring systems.

During the FAT, Alewijnse had a redundant programmable logic controller (PLC) in place with approximately 840 hardwired and 1100 soft Input/Outputs). This redundancy provided an online backup. In the event of one of the two PLCs failing the remaining PLC would take over the functionality without a glitch.

Together with the surveyor from Lloyds Register, we executed all the required tests and passed these without further comments or non-compliances. The surveyor complimented the team on their thorough preparation and a very efficient setup in our test facilities.

This milestone marks the end of the first phase of this project. In the next phase we will further extend the AMS with the implementation of the serial connections to various secondary systems on board, the controllers for the pumps and valves, and the tank sounding system.

In parallel, we will focus on a system configuration dealing with all the controls on the bridge. The bridge control will, similar to the AMS, be equipped with a redundant PLC and will be connected to the AMS system.

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