It involves a five-year framework agreement and is a continuation of the previous, successful two-year service and maintenance contract.

Dutch drinking water company Oasen has contracted electrical systems integrator Alewijnse for the maintenance and management of its electrical installations and the resolving of service interruptions. It involves a five-year framework agreement and is a continuation of the previous, successful two-year service and maintenance contract.

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Securing water supply by optimal maintenance

Through its collaboration with Alewijnse, Oasen has a partner for the optimal maintenance of its electrical systems and installations. The main priority of the company is to supply hygienically pure drinking water. In order to guarantee the reliability of the water supply, the installations must always be operational. Oasen achieves this by both equipping the drinking water production systems with full redundancy and by carrying out regular maintenance. In this way, the company can prevent most service interruptions. In the unlikely event that they do occur, the Alewijnse service is just a phone call away.

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Widely employed and solution-oriented

Cees-Jan van den Berg, a maintenance engineer at Oasen who works frequently with Alewijnse, says: "Because of the experience we have built up over the years, the Alewijnse team understands exactly what needs to be done, and they are always accessible. In addition, the assembly team can be deployed widely and is focused on finding solutions. You just let them know your wishes and the Alewijnse team will make sure the job is done from start to finish."

Expertise in drinking water installations

Alewijnse has performed maintenance work on Oasen's installations for many years. The engineers are familiar with the production processes and the water treatment sites. Gerard Jansen, sales engineer, explains: “Alewijnse adds most value through its in-depth knowledge and experience with the installations, processes and working methods associated with drinking water. We apply this expertise at other large drinking water companies as well and have worked with some of these companies for over forty years. Even more important is the handling of safety and hygiene regulations. Supply reliability and the quality of the drinking water are always top priorities at Oasen."

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Tasty and healthy drinking water

Oasen is the drinking water company that serves the Dutch Green Heart region, ensuring delicious and healthy drinking water for 750,000 people every day. As a socially responsible company, Oasen works in a sustainable way, placing public health at the top of its list of priorities. Setting high standards for the quality and availability of the drinking water, the company works efficiently and remains customer-focused through continuous innovation, development and positive interaction with its environment. Through the deployment of six purification stations, Oasen ensures that the stored groundwater is always tasty and reliable, while five distribution stations ensure the right pressure. Water is stored in three replenishment stations and a water tower is also used.

Specialist in industrial and maritime technology

Systems integrator Alewijnse has over 130 years of experience in providing tailored electrical and automation solutions for our customers' projects around the world, working in sectors that include yachting, naval & governmental, dredging, and offshore and industrial. In the industrial segment Alewijnse specialises in drinking water, food, and specific projects in the manufacturing sector. In response to the ever-increasing need for sustainable operations, we strive to design and implement environmentally-friendly propulsion and energy-efficient systems for maritime and industrial partners that seek high levels of sustainability.

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