Together we create tomorrow!

Are you intrigued by the fascinating world of water extraction and purification? This is your chance to learn everything about the technical installations involved in the sustainability of water ecosystems in the Netherlands.

At the Vitens site in Diepenveen, Alewijnse will explain everything about the technical installations involved in the renovation and expansion of a new aeration building and the renovation of the water treatment buildings.

What to expect on that day:

🔨 Guided tours of the entire construction site and Vitens' production facilities;

👦👧 A bouncy castle for the children;

🐥 At the Alewijnse booth, you can create your own electrical installation, steer a small boat, and participate in the #AlewijnseDuckyChallenge.

A day for young and old alike. You can take a look inside the chain, the sawing shed, and storage containers. You can also view various Vitens buildings from the inside and outside. Vitens will explain the journey that drinking water takes, why the drinking water supply is under pressure, and why we need to conserve drinking water. Alewijnse will explain all about the technical installations and automation that are being carried out without any disruption to the water production process. Plenty of reasons to visit this project.

Good to know: the construction site is only accessible with closed shoes. Due to limited parking space, we recommend coming by bicycle.

The location is: 
Randerstraat, near house number 26
7431 PS Diepenveen

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 8! Because together we create tomorrow.

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Alewijnse & Salverda op Dag van de Bouw bij Vitens in Diepenveen op 8 juni 2024

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