Alewijnse and Damen Naval signed a contract for Alewijnse to undertake the complete integration and installation of all the electrical systems, including low voltage power distribution and lighting systems, on board the four new Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates (ASWF) being built for the Dutch and Belgium navies.

Damen Naval selected Alewijnse as their primary partner for the electrical system integration, based on a history of successful collaborations. Both parties have joined forces before on a variety of projects, primarily in the construction of highly complex naval vessels such as the Joint Support Ship HNLMS. Karel Doorman, the Landing Platform Dock HNLMS Rotterdam, the Holland-class Ocean Going Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and the Combat Support Ship Den Helder, which is currently under construction.

ASWF-AI-6-no flag - Alewijnse
ASWF - Alewijnse

"The cooperation with Alewijnse goes back many years and involves many projects," says Damen Naval Managing Director Roland Briene. "We are delighted that we are working together again, this time on the ASWF project, and that we are once again partnering with a Dutch supplier. This ensures that the knowledge and experience will be shared with as many parties as possible throughout the Dutch naval shipbuilding community, thereby strengthening our position as a leader in the world of complex naval construction."

The contract was signed at Damen Naval headquarters by (from left to right): Damen Naval Strategic Purchaser Tom Weemaes, Alewijnse CEO Gert Bravenboer, Damen Naval Managing Director Roland Briene, and Alewijnse CFO Pieter de Wit.

The new ASWF frigates will replace the current Karel Doorman-class multi-purpose frigates. They will be deployed for a wide variety of tasks as well as anti-submarine warfare. Their design features hybrid diesel-electric propulsion to ensure optimal stealth and the vessels will be equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors to detect potential threats.

Gert Bravenboer, CEO of Alewijnse, expressed his pride in undertaking this assignment in collaboration with Damen for COMMIT. “This extensive and complex project demonstrates once again what the Dutch maritime sector can achieve through the power of cooperation."

ASWF - Alewijnse

“We look forward to starting the project. It’s always good to be working with Damen,” added Florin Nicutaru, Alewijnse segment manager for Naval and Governmental Shipbuilding. “ASWF is a complex project, with high demands and a complicated environment. Having undertaken many defence and security-related projects in the past, we are well prepared. Every segment of our organisation will play an integral role in this project. All our team members are enthusiastic about seamlessly integrating the diverse participants and their distinct electrical systems into a comprehensive final product that will meet the end users’ expectations in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, and performance.

"Thanks to our extensive expertise in different market segments and a wide variety of vessels, we are able to meet the stringent requirements that come with electrical distribution, lighting, data security, and integration with external systems”, says Maurice Seijkens, Alewijnse Manager Sales. “And with Alewijnse's international presence, we can execute this project within our own organisation."

The project is being carried out in close cooperation with The Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, with certain tasks being handled directly by defence personnel. The hulls will be constructed in Romania and then transported to Vlissingen for completion. Damen Naval anticipates delivering the first ship in 2028.

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