A success story of growth in both projects and capabilities in South-East Asia

Alewijnse Vietnam 15 years of existence

The decision of Alewijnse to establish its own presence in Vietnam was motivated by the increasing number of projects being undertaken in the region. By leveraging local talent and reducing reliance on overseas personnel, Alewijnse realised that it would be able to serve its clients more efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively. Fifteen years ago, the official documents were signed for the representative office Alewijnse Marine Vietnam (AMV), and Alewijnse’s Daniel Pop's appointment as managing director of the new company AMV. The company attained limited status two years later.

A new challenge

"It was an exciting adventure for me and my family to relocate from Romania to Vietnam," said Daniel. "I was keen to start up a new venture in a foreign land, and I am thrilled that it has proven to be such a success. Since bringing our business to full speed over the first five years, we secured over 150 projects over the subsequent decade, primarily in the dredging, offshore, transport, and naval & governmental sectors, both locally ad internally. While Damen Shipyards is our key client, we also collaborate with companies and shipyards such as Dong Bac, PT CAT, Piriou, DSCS and others."

The key to success

Alewijnse’s success lies in providing added value to its customers by delivering high-quality projects on time and at competitive prices. It has its own switchboard production location, which has recently expanded by 25% to 800 square metres in response to the growing demand for switchboard production in South-East Asia. With this increased capacity, the company is ready to take on more orders while still upholding its commitment to provide custom-made solutions that drive reliability and energy effiency.

By offering local engineering expertise across all project categories, Alewijnse also ensures ongoing competitiveness. Engineering stands as one of the core competencies at AMV, with its team presently engaged in diverse ship projects. Its aim now is to further expand the team to facilitate remote work on European projects, thereby advancing towards becoming a fully operational and innovative solutions provider.

Alewijnse Vietnam 15 years of existence
Alewijnse Vietnam 15 years of existence

Working for a leading electrical company in Asia Pacific

Finding new and skilled engineers can be challenging, but after undergoing training and specialisation, those who are recruited and join AMV show a willingness to stay for a long time. Daniela Pop, Administrator and Marketing & Communications responsible for Alewijnse Vietnam, notes, "Recently we marked the anniversary of several more employees who have been with the company for over 10 years. Almost half of our employees now boast over a decade of experience with Alewijnse."

Long employment contracts

“Long employment contracts are uncommon in a booming Vietnam, where individuals have numerous opportunities to pursue new career challenges as the country undergoes significant growth,” Daniela adds. "Vietnam has emerged as a popular manufacturing hub for multinational corporations, due to its strategic location bordering China and being close to major maritime trade routes. A few years ago, the low cost of labour and the infrastructure supporting exports transformed Vietnam into a prime destination for international investment. However, Alewijnse Marine Vietnam stands out by demonstrating respect for its employees, acknowledging and rewarding high performance with competitive income and excellent benefits, in line with European standards.”

Alewijnse Vietnam 15 years of existence

We prioritise employee satisfaction by fostering a family atmosphere. We organise social events, provide English-language and technical training, and encourage employees to voice their suggestions. This is an approach that sets us apart from traditional Vietnamese companies. This enables them to thrive in a promising company that aims to grow stronger each year and become the leading electrical company in the maritime business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Daniela Pop, Administrator, Marketing and Communications responsible for Alewijnse Vietnam

Alewijnse Vietnam 15 years of existence

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