A pioneering initiative for a safer tomorrow

PACT is not just a safety campaign,” states Alewijnse QESH-manager Nicoleta Ciocoiu, “It also aims to promote a cultural transformation towards a safer and healthier work environment. Rooted in the core principle We work safe, or we don't work, PACT aims to foster a safety-conscious mindset, encouraging safe practices and raising awareness at every level.”

Alewijnse introduces safety campaign

COO Tom Milder adds: "Many of our customers and partners place a strong emphasis on safety and it is essential that they have confidence in the safety of our working practices. At Alewijnse, safety is number one, which goes hand in hand with good results. This puts us at the forefront of the maritime market."

Nicoleta continues: “Built on the pillars of Prevention, Attention, Commitment and Team, PACT presents a comprehensive strategy addressing safety concerns proactively. These pillars serve as the foundation for a collaborative approach, where each team member plays a vital role in creating a safety-conscious environment.”

A unique approach

Crafted collaboratively by staff members from across Alewijnse, PACT reflects the specific needs, values and diversity within the organization. As such it is intended to stand as a testament to Alewijnse's commitment to inclusivity, its business scope, and its strong internal relationships.

PACT goes beyond rhetoric by translating its principles into tangible actions. From safety films and practical toolboxes to the implementation of a QESH application and recognition of safe behaviour, PACT is supported by tangible measures. Furthermore, a robust communication plan ensures transparent dissemination of the safety information.

Alewijnse introduces safety campaign
Alewijnse introduces safety campaign

Safety beyond boundaries

As well as its commitment to individual safety, PACT is about building teams where every member looks out for one another. Embracing PACT means not only preventing incidents, but also learning, committing, and becoming integral members of a united safety team.

Recognizing the collective responsibility for safety, PACT extends beyond Alewijnse's teams to its customers and subcontractors to make safety a shared endeavour. Ongoing collaboration can only further strengthen the safety chain and, when it comes to safety, everyone is on the same team.

As Alewijnse embarks on this safety journey with PACT, the company is reaffirming its unwavering dedication to the well-being of all its team members. PACT is not merely a campaign; it is a pledge - your safety, our priority. Together, let's make every day at Alewijnse a safe day.

Watch our new safety movie below.

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