Smart solutions onboard Jumbo Jubilee, Jumbo Javelin and Fairplayer

Continuous monitoring of on-board systems

Continuous monitoring of on-board systems is becoming increasingly important to the identification of potential safety, environmental and operational availability risks in a timely manner. Ideally, ship managers want to know the status of a vessel’s systems at all times, not only because optimization and efficiency are increasingly essential for more sustainable shipping. 24/7 monitoring also helps anticipate trends and thresholds that may affect a ship’s safety and operations as soon as possible. To enable the analysis of data effectively and so allow prompt intervention when needed, Alewijnse develops systems that make alarms and monitoring smarter.

This approach is being applied aboard Jumbo's heavy lift vessels. Alewijnse is upgrading the alarm, monitoring, and control systems (AMCS) on Jumbo Jubilee, while Fairplayer is receiving a renewed AMCS, fully adapted to the new IP code in combination with a SPS notation. On Jumbo Javelin, Alewijnse is modifying the existing AMCS to align with the essential SPS notation. This regulation requires that Special Purpose Ships (SPS), with a deadweight over 500 tonnes and with more than twelve passengers for industrial or IP project purposes, must adhere to a special high safety standard.

Alewijnse Jumbo Javelin

Alewijnse’s improvements will help Jumbo Maritime advance their digitalization goals by making better decisions based on data and taking action using information collected from ship and critical onboard systems. These will further optimize the maintenance, performance and energy efficiency of the ships.

Mark Snijders, Manager Purchasing and Contracting @ Jumbo Maritime

Alewijnse Jumbo Javelin

Confidence at sea

"Reliability, functionality, and intuition are the core values of our systems," explains Alewijnse account manager Jim Stolk. "On the Jumbo vessels, this results in classified solutions for alarm, monitoring and control, tank measurement, and power management, meeting all customer’ requirements for the safest and most efficient operation possible. The modular design also makes it easier to implement future expansions."

Alewijnse has therefore been selected as the best partner for the latest Jumbo projects. "Another factor that played a role was that we already knew the vessels from when they were constructed and since then through our global service network," adds Alewijnse project manager Ben Bonte. "We have a good relationship with Jumbo. We do what we promise, are solution-oriented and flexible. We have now been working together for decades, as our first projects date back to the 1990s. A recent highlight was the Jumbo Javelin, which we successfully converted in Singapore during the pandemic."

Safety for the future

“Safety is a top priority for both Jumbo and Alewijnse,” explains Alewijnse COO Tom Milder. " Many customers in the offshore and other maritime markets place a strong emphasis on it and it is essential that they have confidence in the safety of both our systems and our working practices. At Alewijnse, safety is number one, which goes hand in hand with good results. This puts us at the forefront of the maritime market."

The projects for Jumbo are already underway. At Alewijnse's headquarters in Nijmegen, a team of specialists is working on the adjustments for the SPS notation and the engineering department is updating the alarm and monitoring systems. Following a factory acceptance test (FAT), Alewijnse will install and commission the systems on board.

Once delivered, Jumbo will deploy the ships for heavy transport and installation work in the offshore wind industry and world-wide deep-water installation operations.

Alewijnse Jumbo Jubilee
Alewijnse Jumbo Jubilee, Jumbo Javelin, Fairplayer

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