Expertises we offer

Systems integration

Depending on the needs of the customer on the project, we can provide alternative integration packages, ensuring that whichever suits the project execution best is implemented.

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We design, engineer, produce, install and commission all types of electrical and automation solutions for newbuild projects for both maritime and industrial projects.

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Refits & conversions

We have extensive knowledge and experience in electrical refits and conversions in the maritime and industrial sectors, built up over many years.

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Service & Maintenance

We are able to maintain our customers’ electrical installations at every stage of their assets’ lives.

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Spare parts delivery

We are able to deliver top quality components to any location, to maximise the up-time of our customers’ vessels or industrial plant.

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We offer training courses to our customers to increase the knowledge and skills that will assist them in the operation and maintenance of their electrical and automation systems.

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We would like to tell you more about the wide range of skills and expertise that we have in house.

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