The hybrid test setup was presented via a remote connection to the customer, who spoke of an 'impressive demonstration'.

Online demonstration

The hybrid test set-up for the superyachts series was built up in-house at the Alewijnse facility in Krimpen aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, and run for a period of two months. It consisted of two generator sets, two load banks, a cooling water system for the PM electric motors and facilities to load the electric motors. In addition, an additional energy storage system (ESS) allowed the interfacing and functional operation of the hybrid solution to be fully tested. The demonstration to the customer was entirely online, allowing all applicable COVID-19 safety measures to be followed.

Successful in-house testing of the complete integrated hardware and software systems can significantly shorten the onboard commissioning period, reduce technical risks and save on costs.

Alewijnse lead engineer Hanco Tigchelaar

Systems integration on board

Alewijnse is currently in the process of providing the complete systems integration and electrical, Nav-Com and AV-IT systems installation and hybrid propulsion systems for four superyachts in a series. Included in the orders, and which were assessed in the hybrid test set-up, are the supply and design of the main switchboard, emergency switchboard, shore connection cabinet, two neutral earth transformers, two shore transformers and two PM electric motors.

Energy savings and emission reductions

Alewijnse delivers hybrid systems made up of energy storage systems, drive systems and permanent magnetic (PM) electric motors (PTI/PTO), that offer improvements in the efficiency of the vessel’s onboard electrical systems. The result is significant energy savings and emission reductions.

Variations in power loads are compensated for by the energy storage system and the working load of the diesel generators is optimised, both resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

Want to know more on innovative and sustainable hybrid systems? Download our whitepaper below.

The results are impressive and we are pleased that our customers are delighted with the results.

Project manager Mitch Opmeer, indirectly involved with the test set-up


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