Maritime Energy Management

We are all working together to create a better environment. Innovation and environmental regulations are leading to lower emissions of CO₂ and a cleaner world. A world that is sustainable and future-proof. And you too would undoubtedly like to play your part. Which is why you should use our Energy Management System, which is a package of automated solutions that minimise energy consumption on your ship.

Economise with 5 modules

Alewijnse’s Energy Management System consists of 5 modules. The Supply Management System can be used to reduce fuel consumption on board. The Battery Management System regulates the storage of energy in your battery. With our flexible Load Management System, you can benefit from the optimised day-night mode, while you can use our Waste Heat Management System to use any residual heat to the full. We also have a new system, called the Propulsion Advice System, which is used as the basis for hybrid propulsion.

Pioneer in automation

You can use Alewijnse’s Energy Management System to achieve all your sustainable objectives. Whether you need just advice and monitoring or full automation. We distinguish ourselves with our knowledge of the entire process and we look further than just your electrical system. Heat emission, fuel consumption and full transparency thanks to our clear user interface; we lead the way as far as total solutions are concerned.

Savings on many different levels

The Energy Management System takes full advantage of a well-chosen solution. You save on many different levels, and besides lower costs for fuel consumption you also realise more fuel-efficient energy management. So you soon see that the Energy Management System benefits you in many different ways.