Marine Propulsion

You would like to sail as fuel-efficiently as possible. Take emissions into account. And all this while keeping the solution as compact as possible. Furthermore, your ship also has a specific operational profile. So you will need to put some thought into selecting the right propulsion system and energy system for your ship. But what would be the best solution for you?

Power Compass

Alewijnse will quickly get you on the right track in the selection of your propulsion system and energy system. Our assistance includes using our Power Compass, an application that delivers an initial advice based on your criteria and needs. What are the dimensions of the ship? What speeds and distances are involved? What are your wishes in terms of clean sailing? Based on all this information, Power Compass will provide you with 4 options. This will quickly tell you which propulsion system and energy system fit your personal preferences and the profile of your ship.

Unique characteristics

Whether you opt for a direct diesel drive, marine diesel electric or hybrid propulsion. For LNG, batteries or fuel cell solution: each propulsion system has its own unique features and characteristics. We will discuss them with you in detail and clearly outline the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution.

A full understanding in the blink of an eye

Partly thanks to Power Compass, you will quickly gain an understanding of the technology, costs and emissions. You will learn everything about fuel consumption and possible applications of the propulsion system. In short, you will have the right information to make an informed decision in no time.