Marine Diesel Electric Propulsion

Flexible, quiet, but above all, efficient. There are many benefits to sailing with marine diesel electric propulsion. It prevents unnecessary strain on your engines and reduces fuel consumption. This makes marine diesel electric propulsion a modern, sustainable way of sailing.

High output

With diesel electric sailing, you easily achieve a great result with only little power. A diesel engine converts diesel into electrical energy using a generator. This energy then goes to the electric motors, which in turn drive the propeller. This is a very efficient process: you simply decide how many generators you will use for the energy you need at that moment. Fully adapted to your sailing profile, for any situation.

Quiet and flexible

A marine diesel electric propulsion is especially efficient for ships sailing long stretches with different outputs, such as dredgers and inland waterway vessels. Furthermore, the solution reduces noise and vibration levels. And this in addition to more flexibility, since you can place the diesel engine wherever you want. Due to the increased tranquillity on board, the solution is also very suitable for passenger ships and yachts.

Clean and efficient

With marine diesel electric propulsion, you easily meet your objectives for clean, efficient and quiet sailing. And obviously, our people will be happy to help you achieve that. We will assess whether diesel electric sailing suits your sailing profile. We design and deliver. We will take care of the integration, the installation and the maintenance. This allows us to get the best out of your marine diesel electric propulsion.