LNG solutions

The use of LNG to fuel the generators of electrically-powered vessels reduces sulphur dioxide and particulate emissions to almost zero while reducing emissions of CO2 to 25% and nitrogen oxide to 80%. Additional to the environmental benefits, the combined use of LNG with electric propulsion delivers greater fuel efficiency. Alewijnse recently got a contract for two cutting-edge inland tankers. Developed together with Peters Shipyards and other partners, the LNG pack is integrated on the ‘Greenstream’ tanker series and represents a huge step for inland navigation.

Two generator sets

It consists of a module with two generator sets, although a standard configuration consists of two modules and four generator sets powering the twin-screw vessels. Each pack operates independently and provides enormous benefits.
Alewijnse’s experience has proven key for the electrical propulsion system, distribution system and LNG-cooling system on board the ‘Greenstream’ inland tanker project