Hybrid Propulsion & Energy Systems

The propulsion of your ship should be in line with your sailing profile. In any situation, no matter how fast you are sailing. This also applies to power generation: you would like to keep it as sustainable and efficient as possible. Do you often sail at different speeds? Then hybrid propulsion offers you a good alternative.

The best of both worlds

With hybrid propulsion and power generation you alternate the characteristics of electric sailing with propulsion and power generation based on LNG or diesel. This will quickly provide you with the best of both worlds. With diesel, you will have a fuel with a high energy density. Your diesel engines are most efficient if they run at approximately 80% of their capacity.

Fuel-efficient, clean and quiet

Still, you may not always need this capacity. If your ship is sailing at a lower speed, or is moored, your diesel engines consume unnecessarily much fuel. They also wear quicker. In this situation, it is much more beneficial to switch to propulsion based on batteries and generators. Your ship will be fuel-efficient and clean, emits virtually no fuel and in addition, it will be much quieter.

All the way up to automation

Whether hybrid propulsion suits you depends on your sailing profile. Therefore, Alewijnse discusses the process of selecting the adequate propulsion method with you at the earliest possible stage. We will establish which advantages hybrid propulsion can offer you and will then assist you during the entire process. From advice and monitoring all the way up to complete automation.

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